Paper Based Exam Administration Rules, Regulations, Process & Procedures

Paper Based Exam Administration Rules

Part 1: Pre-exam Procedure

I.  Proctor Documentation
Proctor will be provided with a Proctor Certification Statement and a template Candidate Registration Ledger for a scheduled examination. The content below details our paper based exam administration rules. Upon completion of the scheduled examination Proctor will complete the Proctor Certification Statement and the Candidate Registration Ledger for the examination candidates.

II. Exam Packets
Proctor shall receive a sealed Exam Packet for each candidate. Exam Packets are to remain sealed when given to the candidate and opened by the candidate as instructed by the Proctor.

Part 2: Exam Procedure – Paper Based Exam Administration Rules

I. Candidate Check In

a. Identity Confirmation: Candidate must provide an official government issued photo identification document with sufficient clarity that the Proctor can confirm the candidate’s identity. Proctor verifies candidate’s name as listed on the Candidate Registration Ledger.

b. Allowed Possessions: Proctor checks the items in the possession of the candidate to assure all are in compliance with the IASSC™ requirements. Allowed candidate possessions – a) Up to two blue or black ink pens and b) A non-programable standard four function calculator or a non-programable scientific calculator. (NOT PERMITTED: Graphing or Programmable Calculators, calculators on cell phones, and Software Program Calculators such as Minitab & SigmaXL).

II. Initiate Exam

a. Proctor covers the following topics after all candidates are checked in.
1) Describe the exam (which belt), state number of questions and that they are Multiple Choice and True or False.
2) Inform candidates of the time available to complete the exam.
3) Describe the Time Announcements to be made and the process for candidates to take breaks; see Section 3 Monitor Exam.
4) Answer any other procedural questions.

b. Proctor distributes to each candidate the Examination Packet.
1) Distribute one Exam Packet to each candidate.
2) Upon completion of distribution ask the candidates to open the sealed packet.
3) Describe the contents of the Exam Packet; Examination, Reference Document, Answer Sheet and extra pages to be used as work sheets.
4) The Answer Sheet, with its cover page, is to be carefully removed along the perforation line. The candidate is to write their name and date on the Answer Sheet cover and sign it.
5) The Reference Document and the extra sheets may be removed from the spiral binding if the candidate so chooses.
6) The examination is to remain spiral bound.
7) Answer Sheets are to be marked by filling in the circle of the chosen answer with ink. Should the candidate wish to change answers he/she should put an X through the answer to be changed, initial it and ink in the circle of the answer they wish to select.

c. Log Start Time
Proctor enters Exam Start Time on Proctor Certification Statement.

III. Monitor Exam

a. General Exam Requirements
Proctor is to assure candidate is employing no methods that would be considered cheating. If other candidates are present there are to be no discussions, no viewing of the other candidate’s work nor use of any communication device during the exam period. A candidate may not have visitors during the examination period.

b. Time Announcements
For Black Belt and Green Belt examinations with 1.5 hours remaining, Proctor shall announce the remaining time and then repeat in half hour increments. For the Yellow Belt examination, during the last 1 hour remaining, Proctor shall announce the remaining time and then repeat at 30 minutes remaining.

c. Candidate Breaks
Candidate may leave the room one time following examination commencement; however, no materials may leave the room with them during this break. The candidate must return within ten minutes or the examination for that candidate must be canceled.  Special arrangements can be made in certain circumstances if addressed in advance.

d. Questionable Behavior
If a candidate behaves in a questionable manner, talk to the person privately and warn the person that this is the first and final warning. If the behavior continues, collect the Exam Packet and ask that person to leave the examination room. In the event a candidate attempts to circumvent these guidelines, the Proctor will report their findings to IASSC™ within 24 hours of the incident.

e.  Exam Conclusion
Upon a candidate’s announcement to the Proctor that the candidate has completed the examination, the Proctor will collect the Reference Document, the Examination, the Answer Sheet and extra pages. Proctor will confirm the candidate has signed the cover page of the Answer Sheet. CRITICAL: Proctor must sign the cover sheet and staple the candidate’s cover sheet and Answer Sheet together immediately upon receipt.

IV. Exam Completion

a. Candidate Release: Prior to releasing the candidate check all exiting materials to assure candidate has not taken any examination information.

b. Complete Proctor Certification Statement and attach the Candidate Registration Ledger making a note of any candidate who did not participate.

c. Document Processing: For each candidate the packet containing the examination, the Reference Document and any extra pages along with the stapled Answer Sheet with cover must be submitted to the Administrator.

Part 3: Exam Processing & Submission – Paper Based Exam Administration Rules

I. Administrator shall retain all hard copy documents until informed by IASSC™ they are to be destroyed.

II. Administrator shall process the Answer Sheets with covers in one of two manners:

a. Administrator shall electronically scan the Answer Sheet with cover and electronically transmit said scan to; or

b. Copy the Answer Sheet with cover, retain the copy and mail the originals to:
104 East Main Street, Suite 401 & 402
Bozeman, Montana 59715 USA

III. Exam Grading
Upon receipt of the completed examinations from the Administrator IASSC™ will confirm all Exam Packet documentation has been handled properly and that each packet is complete. Upon confirmation IASSC™ will grade each examination.

IV.  Exam Results Communication
IASSC™ will notify the Administrator by email of the Pass or Fail status of each candidate and process certificate fulfillment as agreed with Administrator.


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