Scot Shank

Executive Profile

Scot Shank is a successful entrepreneur with a diverse background in accounting and finance, Lean Six Sigma (LSS) and web-based technology solutions development. Scot Shank has a strong track record of establishing innovative, popular offerings into the niche LSS market and beyond.

In 2004 Scot Shank co-founded CS International (CSI) a consultancy that focused on implementing continuous improvement programs into a variety organizations both domestically and abroad. This included large multi-national corporations such as BHP Billiton Base Metals and Lonmin Platinum with c-level sponsorship. During his term with CSI Scot Shank worked throughout North America, South America, South Africa, Europe, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan and China. Scot sold his interest in CSI in late 2006 in order to pursue ventures that would demand less travel, keeping him closer to home so that he could be actively involved in raising his children and less involved with airports, hotel rooms and remote customer sites.

In 2007 Scot Shank founded and launched inLine Solutions, a small technology company that provides Learning Management Systems (LMS), a web based software solution designed to facilitate and manage online training. Today, inLine Solutions serves as the exclusive enterprise LMS provider for Quality Chekd Dairies. Quality Chekd Dairies uses the inLine Solutions software application to facilitate third-party dairy specific Standard Operating Procedure training courses and Regulatory and Compliance (HACCP, OSHA) training courses to Quality Chekd Member Companies. Scot Shank currently oversees and partially manages InLine Solutions operations where he enjoys being directly involved with software application design.

In 2007 Scot Shank also founded Open Source Six Sigma (OSSS) as a way to stay involved and engaged in the Lean Six Sigma industry. Up until that point in time, licensing of LSS training content was largely controlled by training or consulting providers and was restricted in availability by exceptionally high prices to only large sized companies. OSSS aimed to change this by essentially commoditizing LSS intellectual property and making it available for anyone at economically feasible price points and under flexible, sensible licensing terms. Since its inception OSSS has grown to become the industry’s #1 leading content provider and intellectual property licensor with more than 10,000 diverse retail, white label and enterprise customers. OSSS has strictly maintained its position as a content publisher and licensor. OSSS does not provide direct training, consulting, mentoring or coaching in LSS. Scot currently oversees and partially manages OSSS general operations.

In 2009 Scot Shank organized the creation of and co-founded the International Association for Six Sigma Certification also known as IASSC in order to bring certification best practices to the LSS industry. Up until that point professional credentialing and certification within the LSS industry left much to be desired. It followed a mishmash of standards that were outdated and out of touch with anything practical or standardized. Frustrated with the environment of this flailing, insensible, convoluted and unorthodox manner in which the industry handled certification of professionals, Scot Shank attended a conference offered by the National Organization for Competency Assurance (NOCA), currently Institute for Credentialing Excellence. Inspired by the standards and organizations that managed certification within other industries and markets, Scot Shank identified an improved model for the professional certification process that he introduced and brought to the LSS professional and industry. To this end, IASSC was established as a true independent third-party certification and accreditation standards association in the LSS space.

Today IASSC provides certification testing in over 8000 testing centers in more than 100 countries around the world. IASSC’s certifications and standards are rapidly being voluntarily adopted by companies around the world through almost 400 hundred Accredited Providers and thousands of certified professionals. IASSC continues to experience exponential growth and to mature as the industry’s universally accepted credentialing association. Scot Shank currently serves as an Advisor to IASSC in a non-operational role and upon request assists with or leads special development projects.

Additionally Scot Shank is currently involved in developing a new web-based software application and company, SixGrid. Designed to be a simple, fresh, clean approach to Lean Six Sigma Project Tracking and Program Management, SixGrid is slated to release later this year. Scot Shank is also involved in a number of diversification investments and developments outside of the LSS space through his private holding company Red Stake Incorporated.

Born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona Scot Shank moved to Bozeman, Montana in 2010 where he currently resides with his wife and their three children. In 2015 Scot was appointed by the Gallatin Valley County Commission to the oversight committee where he served on the Middle Cottonwood Zoning District Board of Adjustment through 2019. Scot enjoys activities involving the outdoors particularly hunting, fishing, and golfing.

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