Exam Administration & Distribution Program

Companies and Professionals understand the value of an IASSC Lean Six Sigma Certification.

Embrace the IASSC Certification standards by offering or integrating our best-practice certifications into your programs and provide your students or employees with the industry leading, globally recognized, IASSC Lean Six Sigma Certification.

The Exam Administration & Distribution Program (EADP) detailed here, offers Accredited and Non-Accredited Lean Six Sigma Providers & Program Administrators an avenue to offer and integrate official IASSC Certification Exams into your programs. Learn about becoming an Authorized Exam Administrator or Authorized Exam Distributor.


Would you like to Proctor IASSC Certification Exams at your location? We’ve got you covered with these exam administration methods.


Computer Based Testing (Provider Proctored) Delivered on-site at your location Provider Proctored Computer Based Testing is a popular option for classroom training and environments where groups of candidates can be easily organized into a single location. Review exam pricing for authorized administrators.


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Alternatively, you can integrate IASSC Certification Exams into your programs but leave the formalities of Proctoring to us with these exam distribution methods.


On-Demand Web-Based Testing (IASSC Proctored) This popular Computer Based Testing method offers simplicity and flexibility that removes the logistics and liabilities associated with Proctoring IASSC Exams. Due to its convenience this testing method is used in a wide variety of situations, including with classroom training and regularly with virtual and online training. Students can conduct an IASSC exam anytime from any location with an internet connection, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Approved Exam Distributors may receive vouchers in bulk for distribution to students and may be eligible for volume based discounts, contact us to inquire or simply get vouchers now or direct students to take an IASSC Exam, here.

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Pearson VUE Testing Centers (IASSC Proctored) With over 8000 physical locations world-wide Pearson VUE places the IASSC Lean Six Sigma Certification Exams into professional testing centers typically within just minutes of your location. Students simply select a Pearson VUE testing center in their area and schedule an examination. Similar to our On-Demand Web-Based Testing system (above), an IASSC Exam conducted at a Pearson VUE center is facilitated on a computer with live Proctors instead of internet based Proctors. Offering an alternative for students who do not own a computers or prefer testing in a dedicated environment. Approved Exam Distributors may be eligible for volume based discounts, contact us to inquire or simply direct students to take an IASSC Exam at a PearsonVue Testing Center, here.

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Exam Administrators and their Proctors assume a significant responsibility and liability by conducting IASSC Certification Exam Sessions, Exam Distributors do not assume the same liability, review the full Program Terms & Conditions. Authorized Exam Administrators must Register Proctors, Authorized Exam Distributors do not have to Register Proctors, review the full Proctor Terms & Conditions.