Administrators & Distributors Exam Pricing

Authorized Exam Administrators

Computer Based Testing (Provider Proctored)

  • Black Belt Exam Packet: $300 each
  • Green Belt Exam Packet: $220 each
  • Yellow Belt Exam Packet: $140 each

Base fees for Black Belt, Green Belt and Yellow Belt Certification Exams are $395, $295 and $195 respectively. Prices listed above include a Proctor Credit. Volume Discounts are applied as follows. Volume are measured cumulatively so your exam purchases over time count towards your total volume leading to lower exam costs. No “per order” minimums are required. Volume 50 Discount 5%, Volume 100 Discount 7.5%, Volume 200 Discount 10%, Volume 300 Discount 15%, Volume 400 Discount 20%, Volume 500 Discount 25%. Additionally, bulk purchase discounts may apply, contact us to inquire.

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Authorized Exam Distributors

The following pricing applies to IASSC Authorized Exam Distributors who utilize our On-Demand Web-Based testing option or PearsonVue testing facilities to deliver IASSC Certification Exams.

  • Black Belt Exam Voucher: $395 each
  • Green Belt Exam Voucher: $295 each
  • Yellow Belt Exam Voucher: $195 each

Volume discounts and bulk purchase discounts may apply, contact us to inquire.

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