Work at IASSC

Who are we?

We are the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC). We work internationally (but almost exclusively from Bozeman Montana and/or Phoenix Arizona) in a niche discipline called Lean Six Sigma that is a blend between engineering, quality and business management and we are a unique market leader in this space. We introduced the practice of Professional Credentialing into the Lean Six Sigma Market in 2009 and have grown steadily ever since. In short, IASSC is a Professional Association that conducts Certification Testing and performs Accreditation Services.

Who are you?

If you consider yourself a conscientious worker, a thoughtful, kind, supportive person with balanced priorities who is capable of managing yourself without significant oversight and direction, perhaps you’ll be a great fit at IASSC.

Current job openings at IASSC:

From time to time we look for Full-time or Part-time, Salaried or Hourly, Employees or Contractors and sometimes we’ll hire paid Interns. Here you’ll find the current openings we have at IASSC.

We currently have no openings. However we are always looking for good Subject Matter Expert Authors and Editors so we welcome you to contact us if you are interested in conducting authoring or editing assignments.