Important information about IASSC Accreditation, Accredited Entities and Certification

The Accreditation of an entity does not constitute IASSC’s approval or recognition of that entity’s own lean six sigma certification program. The only method to earn an IASSC™ certification is to successfully sit for and pass an official IASSC certification™ exam.

Not all Accredited entities or Trainers administer or provide access to IASSC Certification exams. If you are pursuing training with the intention to earn an IASSC Certification we strongly encourage you to confirm with the Provider that they are authorized to administer or provide access to official IASSC Certification exams.

IASSC Certifications are issued solely by the International Association for Six Sigma Certification™ directly and/or under license by the PeopleCert Group who serves as the exclusive and official Examination Institute of IASSC.

Any entity, Accredited or non-accredited, who “guarantees” or makes related claims that their training or products will cause you to pass an IASSC exams and/or achieve IASSC Certification is almost certainly doing so inappropriately and should not be trusted without contacting IASSC Support. Any Provider that includes the IASSC Marks on its Certificates and/or provides replications of IASSC certificates is doing so without permission from IASSC and in violation of the Marks Usage Policy. Under no circumstances will anyone be granted IASSC Certification by simply completing training, other prescribed activities or utilizing products offered by a Provider.

If you have any doubts about claims being made by Accredited or non-accredited parties relative to IASSC, IASSC Certification or IASSC Certification Exams, we strongly encourage you to contact IASSC Support.

No preferential treatment is afforded to candidates who obtain training, coaching, mentoring or products from an IASSC Accredited Entity or Trainer. Furthermore, earning an IASSC Certification does not require that you obtain services from an Accredited Provider or Trainer. There are no pre-requisites to sit for an IASSC Black Belt, Green Belt or Yellow Belt Certification exam. You are not required to purchase any product from an Accredited or any particular Non-Accredited Provider in order to access an IASSC Certification exam. Vouchers for IASSC Certification exams can be purchased from the IASSC Processing Center; access is non-discriminatory and not unreasonably withheld.

IASSC does not recommend any one provider, trainer, course of study or means of preparing for the exam over another. IASSC may promote education and preparation providers through its Accreditation Program but does not endorse them as the sole recommended resources for exam preparation or as a pre-requisite for IASSC Certification. Completing any particular program does not guarantee success on the IASSC Certification Exams. Entities and Trainers have earned IASSC Accreditation by applying for the Accreditation and furnishing evidence to prove alignment to the Accreditation standards. IASSC conducts what it believes to be reasonable due diligence to ensure alignment to the IASSC Accreditation standards prior to granting Accreditation, however this review is limited to a “snapshot in time” based upon the Accreditation Application subsequent modifications in training programs cannot be continuously monitored by IASSC. IASSC requests updates on such modifications, however it cannot guarantee compliance. When deviations from the representations made in the Application are discovered or reported, IASSC investigates. We recommend you familiarize yourself with the Accreditation criteria and that you do not rely solely on an IASSC Accreditation in your selection of a Provider. Employers, organizations and candidates should exercise the same caution they do when soliciting products and services from any vendor. If you have concerns with an IASSC Accredited Provider we encourage you to contact IASSC Support and we will investigate. Accredited Providers found to be in violation of the IASSC Code of Conduct are subject to the IASSC Disciplinary Policy.

IASSC Accreditations™ are offered to the Lean Six Sigma Marketplace at the general request of both training providers and those seeking lean six sigma educational services. Training and Product Providers who voluntarily align to the IASSC Body of Knowledge™ have requested that IASSC provide a means of verification of such. Similarly, those seeking lean six sigma education have requested that IASSC provide options for learning lean six sigma that align to the IASSC Certification standards. In an attempt to satisfy these requests in an unbiased manner, IASSC Accreditations have been established. IASSC universally and impartially applies Accreditation criteria to all providers seeking IASSC Accreditation. IASSC Accreditation criteria is not dependent upon any specific trainer(s), consultant(s), training content, software or any third-party organization or company offering these or any other services.

IASSC charges entities an Accreditation Fee at the time of application and renewal to help offset the costs of performing due diligence, processing and managing accreditation. Accredited entities that conduct IASSC certifications pay IASSC a fee for each certification exam conducted – similar to any entity or person who pays an exam fee when conducting an IASSC Certification Exam. Other than the fees stated here, IASSC does not receive any other fees such as referral fees, commissions, royalties, kick-backs or any other type of backend arrangements, from any IASSC Accredited entity. IASSC Accreditations and IASSC Certifications are both proprietary and voluntary and no company, provider, trainer, candidate or student is required to seek either Accreditation or Certification from IASSC.

IASSC is committed to impartiality by promoting a bias and discrimination free environment for all candidates, staff, volunteers, subcontractors, vendors and clients. IASSC understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out its certification and accreditation activities, attempting to avoid conflicts of interest and striving to ensure the objectivity of its certifications and accreditations. If you feel you have not received impartial treatment please contact support so we can investigate your claim.