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Thornley Group Ltd


Suite 106, 23 Edwin Street
Mount Eden, Auckland, 1024
New Zealand

Phone: 07 3535 0670

Phone: 02 8916 6118

Phone: 03 884 4814


Tel: Australia: +61 2 8916 6118 New Zealand +64 9 632 1256


Accreditation Number: 01-1114

Accredited Since: August 2015

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt


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Thornley Group is a provider of business process improvement consultancy and training based in New Zealand and Australia. We offer training courses for public attendance and provide training to organisations, both small and large, up to Lean Six Sigma Black Belt level. Specialising in Lean Six Sigma, our services range from hands-on consultancy to on-site delivery of training programmes. Our consultants and trainers have world-class experience working at senior management level in multinational organisations ranging from the automotive industry to seafood. Our training courses combine classroom, practical, self-study, and online learning to ensure that skills and knowledge are retained.