What is the difference between the ASQ and IASSC Body of Knowledge?

By various measures, the IASSC and ASQ Lean Six Sigma Standards and Certifications are both widely respected, recognized and utilized across the Lean Six Sigma Industry. The differences in the Bodies of Knowledge becomes apparent when comparing the two standards. The ASQ Body of Knowledge defines areas outside of what IASSC believes the industry considers standard knowledge requirements for a designated practitioner.  For example, these areas include, Enterprise Wide Deployment and DFSS, among others. However the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) components of the IASSC & ASQ Bodies of Knowledge are almost identical. Additionally, in terms of certification criteria, ASQ requires an affidavit of project completion be submitted for consideration of Black Belt and Green Belt Certification. IASSC provides knowledge based certification exams and does not have a project requirement, nor does it recognize the legitimacy of an affidavit to satisfy a project requirement. Additional information relative to IASSC’s position on project requirements for certification can be found here and here.